I have had a lifelong love of animals with over 35 years of handling horses, riding and showing classical dressage, and over 20 years of training dogs in basic obedience, agility, service dog training, and even several TV commercials. I work with the natural instincts of the dog to help training go easier for you and your pet. I teach owners about their body language and what it means to the dog. I see dogs that are confused, not disobedient, because our body language is saying one thing to the dog and our voice command is saying something else. Dogs will always respond to the visual cue first. That is their language; body language.

In 1987 I opened The Horse and Hound Saddlery and Pet Supply Store (now the Bark Market in Delevan, WI) where I first started to learn about natural holistic diets for dogs. Before opening my store I worked for a local veterinarian for 4 years, gaining first hand knowledge about the care of all kinds of animals. Previous to that I worked at a training and breeding stable for horses. I have raised everything from a Cairn Terrier to a Great Dane. My most recent dog was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Baily (sadly he is no longer with us). He had a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) diploma from the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is a therapy dog.

My life long experience and dedication to working with animals has brought me to a deeper understanding of dogs and how and why they behave the way they do. I have attended a variety of dog training seminars by organizations such as Assistance Dogs International (ADI), and by renowned dog trainers such as Cesar Millan, Patricia McConnell, and Susan Clothier. I have adopted the best methods from these dog trainers, incorporating some of their techniques with those that are uniquely my own. When I lived in Wisconsin, I donated my time to Lakeland Animal Shelter in Delevan, WI, helping to make challenging dogs more adoptable.

My goal is to help strengthen the bond between human and dog by providing a common language. I introduce people to the “pack theory” to use in everyday interactions with their dog, teaching not only obedience commands, but also a language that the dog already understands — body language. By understanding your body language and how your dog interprets that language, you will go beyond basic obedience, improve your relationship with your dog, and learn to speak the universal language of dogs!


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